PHILOSOPHY OF MINISTRY: Everett and Evelyn are driven by the Biblical mandate to preach the Gospel to every creature and to make disciples of every nation. Recognizing that this cannot be done by missionaries alone, they are called and committed to training national ministers, leaders, Bible school teachers, Christian educators, and missionaries. Following the ministry model of Jesus and Paul, they seek to train "faithful men and women" who will then teach others. All ministry assignments are approved, and all expenses are audited by AGWM. All ministry is related closely to AGWM and individual General Council objectives in each country.


UNIQUENESS AND RATIONALE OF MINISTRY: Everett and Evelyn have been uniquely prepared by God for their present ministry to so many nations and cultures of the world. Both ordained Assemblies of God ministers, and serve in ministry full time. Although their headquarters is in Singapore, they do not maintain a home or apartment as they live "out of suitcases" twelve months a year. This type of ministry was not planned or sought, but was born out of needs and invitations by national churches for help from someone who understood their situation and was free enough to be able to respond. The Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) recognizes the strategic value of having a couple available who are free from the restrictions of a home and single-location ministry and who also have a rich background of cross-cultural experience.


Everett: Born April 18, 1939

Evelyn:  Born March 17, 1938

  • Married - August 24, 1962

1st son Steve: Born October 22, 1968 / Steve's  children are Chad, Devin, and Ethan

  • Steve is lead pastor of a new church plant in Manila, Philippines. The church meets in a mall cinema that is surrounded by call centers employing  800,000 workers. Eager to to implove their communication skills, they are excited to attend a church pastored by a native speaker of English)

2nd son Doug: Born November 8, 1970 / Wife Jeanine McKinney / Doug's children are Jessica and Kaitlyn

  • Doug is a IT Asset Manger for the Department of Energy in Washington State. They attend Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, WA.

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